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Coulson Litigation has a reputation for integrity, rigor, and judgment. We specialize in commercial, regulatory, and constitutional litigation. We have acted in numerous complex and high profile cases at all levels of court in British Columbia, the Federal Court, and the Supreme Court of Canada. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with the level of legal services one can expect from leading litigators at the best firms in the city, delivered using modern technology and low overhead so as to pass on savings and efficiency gains to our clients. We are also a champion of alternative billing models and believe the future of law requires lawyers to innovate to meet their clients' needs.

We are a leading service provider for the hospitality sector, and have an unparalleled knowledge of the Byzantine complexity of the constitutional and regulatory framework governing the sale and distribution of liquor in Canada. We regularly represent businssess and individuals in commercial and corporate disputes, regulatory investigations, and judicial reviews of regulatory and government decisions. We also have a strong public law and constitutional practice.

Shea Coulson, founder of Coulson Litigation, has a background at the leading firms in Vancouver, including a top large regional firm, a leading litigation boutique and, most recently, as Director of Litigation at an international law firm. Shea is a former clerk at the British Columbia Court of Appeal, has taught a class on constitutional remedies at UBC Law School, is co-chair of the CBA Administrative Law sub-section, and regularly publishes academic articles on legal issues.




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Areas of Practice

hospitality, liquor, Cannabis, and Food

The hospitality sector in British Columbia is one of the province's most vibrant and most vital. The regulatory and commercial issues with which the industry must deal are complex and directly influence the bottom line. Shea is dedicated to the success of the hospitality industry. His long experience dealing with liquor and food regulations and commercial disputes ensures that clients receive services based in a deep knowledge of the law and the industry. Shea has assisted clients with regulatory strategy, regulatory investigations and compliance management, partnership and joint venture disputes, supplier disputes, lease disputes and municipal and land regulation.

commercial and corporate litigation

Successful commercial and corporate dispute management requires thoughtful strategy and careful discipline to balance aggression with restraint and retain focus on the end goal. Shea has assisted numerous large, medium, and small businesses as well as high-wealth individuals with a wide range of highly complex commercial matters. Shea has special expertise with commercial fraud. Shea's commercial experience also includes bet-the-company litigation; joint venture disputes; commercial and residential real property disputes; professional liability litigation; insurance coverage; construction and development; sale of business disputes; derivative and oppression actions; shareholder and partnership disputes; fraud; commercial leasing; executive employment disputes and other various contract disputes

regulatory and constitutional litigation

The law governing government regulation of businesses is esoteric and complex. It is easy for businesses to make mistakes when dealing with government regulators and those mistakes can be very costly. Shea's significant experience dealing with a wide range of government regulators ensures his clients receive advice supported by a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of the law, but made understandable and actionable for businesses. Shea has successfully navigated many small, medium and large businesses through complex, multi-party situations dealing with significant regulatory investigations and shifting regulatory environments. He can assist clients in most regulatory sectors, including transportation and shipping, post-secondary education, community care facilities and day-cares, freedom of and access to information, municipal zoning and regulation, the agricultural land commission, and liquor licensing and distribution.

Shea has also appeared in some of the Province's most important constitutional cases, acting both for and against government. Constitutional litigation can easily become overly-academic and unfocused on the impact on businesses. Shea combines his knowledge of business and, particularly, hospitality, with a deep understanding of both the law and theory that governs the Canadian Constitution. Shea has appeared as lead counsel at the Supreme Court of Canada in major constitutional litigation and has successfully challenged laws and regulations as unconstitutional. Shea has also acted for the B.C. Attorney General in complex constitutional litigation.